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New Features Released This Month

January 9, 2014


New Stickers too raunchy for you? You can now delete them from your page.

Status updates to all sinners...

-You can now post your status updates optionally to all sinners, or just your friends.
-New activity tab...so that you can view Status updates for just your friends, or for all sinners.


New features released recently

November 14, 2013


New Battle bar to see what challenges are open

New Battle Bar to easily begin a battle

New Battle Categories

Now Battles can optionally access Private folders

Male Sinners can now Optionally Battle Female Sinners

Skip through Battles you do not wish to vote on

To make battles fairer, the Verification image no longer appears

Multiple Activity Pages so you can scroll through older posts.
This works on each of the activity tabs your account has access to

Referral Badges


New features released today.

September 11, 2012

Here is an overview of New features that have been released today, and over the past week or so.

Top Friends

A new easy drag and drop system to manage your top friends. Bronze memberships have up to 7, Silver 12, Gold 16 and Platinum 22. Each level has the ability to purchase more slots with

From within here you can now delete a friend by clicking on them and hitting the
delete button.

Gold and platinum members can drag and drop to delete friends that no longer want to keep.

Silver and higher memberships can Sort/Filter all their friends by sex/name/recents so that they can
manage their friends easier. For a limited time, this is available to Bronze members as well.

Silver and Higher memberships can search to see if a friend is on their list by name. For a limited time, this is available to Bronze members as well.

Still to come in Top Friends...A way to randomize your top friends on your home page or hide them completely and to even manage that friend by friend. For Platinum members, the ability to see their friends original screen names

Friend Management

When you have multiple friend requests or private requests, you can now skip so that you can decide later
You now have a warning on your home page when you are within 10 members of your friend limit based on your subscription
Still to come in Friend Management, A green light to see when your friends are on line, and a light to show when they are in Chat

Privacy & Security

Image verification has been updated to include date so that no one can copy an old one

In account privacy settings the ability to Restrict unverified members to Public folders only

In account privacy settings the ability to opt out of being displayed on the Featured sinners top bar

Still to come in Privacy & Security Right click disabled to prevent copying of images, The Necessity to re-verify your account when you change your display name


You can now delete mail from your sent folder

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